The Power of Japanese Red Reishi: The Real Magic Mushroom
Benicia, CA  94510   February 24 2008
Reverse biological aging and enhance immunity with the help of one of nature's most powerful medicinal mushrooms.

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Author Meg Jordan(SAN FRANCISCO---) The real magic mushroom is not a hallucinogen. It's an adaptogen--a phenomenon in nature that transforms decaying logs into life-enhancing compounds that provide immune enhancement, sustained energy, and anti-cancer properties.

Exciting new scientific discoveries prompted a joint international effort by an American medical anthropologist, Meg Jordan, PhD, RN, and a Canadian nutritionist, Brad King, MSc, MFS, to educate the public about the way Japanese Red Reishi mushrooms are changing lives around the world in dramatic ways.

The findings are reported in a new book "The Power of Japanese Red Reishi: The Real Magic Mushroom," available at online retailers such as

Regarded as the monarch of medicinal mushrooms, Japanese Red Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) is "unknown to most people in the West," explains Dr. Jordan, "even though it's been considered the preeminent immune system support and overall health and longevity botanical for thousands of years in Asia."

Over the past 30 years, labs from Japan to Germany have been confirming what ancient herbalists have purported for centuries. The potent immune modulator, beta-glucans, a polysaccharide that is non-toxic and can be taken on a daily basis, exerts an effect on natural killer cells, T and B cells, macrophages, and seems to "train" the immune system to perform its cytotoxic clean up more effectively.

The Japanese Red Reishi also has the highest amount of ganoderic acid of any plant, which provides cardiovascular benefits such as decreasing cholesterol, reducing platelet stickiness, reducing triglycerides, and lowering high blood pressure.

Research also points to liver protection, correction of blood sugar, and reduction of the myriad ways in which stress and chronic inflammation take a toll on the body.

"We are excited by what we have uncovered regarding the amazing and numerous health benefits associated with Japanese Red Reishi," said Dr. Jordan, "and our intent with this collaborative, international publishing effort was to increase awareness in the West about what has been revered in the East for many years."

Where to Find Red Reishi:

Red Reishi, which is an indigestible woody mushroom, rarely found in the wild, is cultivated according to the highest standards in Japan by Mikei, a company that has received the Japan Reishi Association's seal of approval.